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What is a Joy Session? 

The Joy Sessions™ are a style of workshop that combines Meditation + Mindfulness with Law of Attraction, Cognitive Behavioral Theory and The Joy Method™.


Created by Joy and Mindfulness Coach, Jillian Schecher, Joy Sessions™ provide proven and practical tools such as meditation and mindfulness to individuals, teams, and communities to reduce stress and inspire wellness, compassion and connection.

Joy Sessions™ are strategically created for participants to practice and nurture the concept of bringing more joy into their lives in a way that feels supported and achievable. Workshops range anywhere from single 60-minute experiences to year long programs. If you want to support those around you in feeling better and raise the Joy levels of your company, community or school, the possibilities are endless.


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The Joy Nest

6 Months of  Virtual Joy Sessions™ & Group Coaching with Jillian Schecher

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"I’m so grateful for The Joy Sessions. I’ve learned to listen to myself, forgive myself, and most importantly I’ve learned how to protect my joy!"


"The Joy Sessions were exactly what I needed to bring me out of the funk I found myself in. Jillian creates a safe, fun, expansive space to dive into your own divine wisdom and lift yourself up!"


"Jill helped me determine what is most important to me, and gave me the tools that will allow me to apply those things to my everyday life!"


"I absolutely LOVED The Joy Sessions! Jillian’s heart and excitement guides and empowers you to live a more Joy-full , heart-centered, aligned life. Thank you so much Jillian!"


"After 4 weeks of Joy Sessions I feel clear on what Joy means to me and free to practice Joy. I am aligned with my core values now and clear on how to practice Joy daily."


"As someone who is always in my head, this allowed me to delve deep into why I was feeling what I was, when I was. It allowed me to let go and change perspective on certain aspects in my everyday life. I recommend this to everyone feeling anxious, stressed, or just out of sorts. It just may change you for the better."


Meet Jillian

My friend!

I'm Jillian, Joy & Mindfulness Coach, Lead Joy Sessions™ Facilitator and Creator of The Joy Method™ 

From the moment I began The Joy Sessions™ in my living room, I had an expanded vision of lighting up the world like a field full of fireflies. I've had the pleasure of supporting countless clients and students in deliberately designing their lives and businesses with JOY and I am so excited to guide you to back to yourself and your natural abundant state.

Whether you are here to align with Joy OR facilitate and lead it, I look forward to lighting up the world together.

To Our JOY!

Xj, Jillian

Joyful Support + Practices


The Daily Joy Journal

How to Create a Daily Ritual 

1:1 and Corporate Joy Coaching  

The Joy Nest Program

The Joy Nest is a 6 Month soulful container for those who know what they need to do but for some reason aren’t able to do it. With monthly next level Joy Sessions with founder and creator of The Joy Method™, Jillian Schecher-experience SOUL JOY and deepen into your next level while reclaiming the parts of you forgotten along the path. 

This is your soft place to land (with loving ass kicks)

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Self-Loving Leadership

Become a Certified  Joy Sessions™ Facilitator

9 Months of Joy Sessions™ curriculum including meditation scripts, and done-for-you templates and marketing to blend with your own vision, mission and magic.

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Certified Joy Sessions Facilitators are certified and trained to use The Joy Method™ and guide you and your team back to Joy. 

Whether you are seeking 1:1, team, group or community support. Find the perfect fit for your needs!

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