5 Things To Let Go Of To Live Your Best Life

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Recently we had our Joy Facilitator Retreat and I had a flashback to over 10 years ago when I was stuck in a loop of numbing, suffering and shame. I was drinking and smoking, and though I knew I was meant to coach … I just wasn’t there yet. 

In order to live my most Joyful life I knew deep down I needed to shift onto a more aligned path. The nudge got louder and louder until one day the universe made my decision very easy for me. 

This was the pivotal point where I chose sobriety and my entire trajectory shifted…

Flash forward to present and I’m coaching, speaking and facilitating Joy – AND teaching others to do the same. It’s an honour and gift I don’t take for granted. And when I look back I can see the pivotal moments and  inspired actions that led me to this point. 

It’s interesting to reverse engineer your life to see what it was that got you to the place you are now. This can work in your favour OR it can show you where to make your next move.

Birth and death go hand when it comes to creating a new experience. 

What do you need to release in order to live your best life?

If you’re ready to birth something new and truly live your best life, the question is: what needs to fall away?

5 things you may need to let go of OR take action on in order to live your best life:

Check in and feel if any of these are true for you. 

In order to make room for your dreams, do you need to let go of: 

  • a substance
  • a habit
  • an unhealthy pattern
  •  a toxic relationship
  • Or, maybe you’re being invited to let go of a limiting belief?

What does your dream life require from you? What small inspired action can you take to move yourself toward it? Is it:

  • A conversation
  • A new agreement
  • Aligned support
  • Recommitment (and/or decommitment) 
  • Or, maybe your inspired action is a daily practice to connect more deeply and find out…

The bottom line is, your best life requires you to make room for it.

Are you ready to release what’s not working?

May you take time to celebrate what’s aligned and pay attention to the things that don’t feel good on a deeper level. Those are often the keys to what you can release…

It’s time to give up the things that are no longer helping you live your most aligned, Joyful and abundant life.

If this feels uncomfortable, it likely means something great is just around the corner. 

What are you willing to release to make room for your most amazing and Joyful life? 

Believing in you,

Xj, Jillian 

PS – If you want a place to start, check out my free guide on how to feel better using The Joy Method.

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