Feel Better Than You Ever Imagined: How Embracing Discomfort Can Transform Your Life

the practice of joy

I have a secret for you. Something you might not realize…


That’s right! You are meant to feel good, HOWEVER, feeling good doesn’t necessarily mean feeling comfortable. Rude, I know;)

Think back to the last time you remember experiencing growth. Was it comfortable for you?

Growth doesn’t have to be painful, but I do believe it requires the courage to move through discomfort for transformation to occur. Because often the things that make us feel comfortable are actually keeping us small.

I look back to the places where I stayed comfortable. Even with my health. This winter I was so tired! Comfort told me to rest more, sleep in and nap.

Vibrancy told me to get the heck up and get to the gym and get moving.

Guess which one has helped me to feel good?

Feeling good required me to release the comfort and take inspired action.

I can use my sugar addiction as another example. Despite inflammation, pain, energy issues, and other physical symptoms, I never considered experimenting with a no sugar diet because––SUGAR!!!

Flash forward to a life without refined sugar and I’m experiencing benefits that I didn’t even think possible. I’ve encountered the same experience with releasing addictions such as smoking and drinking. In all cases, it was not until I removed the resistance, and gave up my substance of choice that I experienced what it was I was seeking.

When I gave up cigarettes I felt true Joy. (I never thought I could be happy without smoking). When I stopped drinking I experienced inner calm and peace (I suffered from an anxiety disorder previously). When I gave up sugar I experienced energy. Way more and more long-lasting than I’ve ever experienced with sugar! What kind of mind-f*ckery is this you ask??!?!!? I’ll tell you what kind. Resistance to moving through discomfort.

While I’m not saying I’m perfect, I am saying that I have personally experienced a lot of resistance in my life. The truth is, we all just want to feel good. My question for you is: what if feeling good actually lies beyond the things that feel comfortable?

What if you could feel better than you ever imagined by letting go of the things that might in fact be keeping you stuck in the cycle of suffering?

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