From Striving To Thriving: Embracing The Practice Of BE-ING

the practice of joy

Do you feel like you're always striving? Are you constantly reaching to know better, be better, and do better?

I get it! And, as a Joy + Mindfulness Coach I spend a lot of time teaching and practicing how to "BE" more. Heck, I wrote an entire journal to support BE-ING. The truth is, it’s a practice for me too.

This week in Joy Facilitator class I shared how my mind will try to convince me that I will feel better once I get through my to-do list. The thing is, we will always have to-do’s.

This is why I recommend shifting your to-do list to a “Get To-Do” list. And, while you’re at it release the need to complete your list to feel good. As long as you are living you will have things to do. Shift your relationship with your to-do list and shift EVERYTHING!

Celebrate doing less and take space to breathe. Life is not a race, although sometimes it might feel like it is;)

This is a loving invitation to slow down long enough to savour the people and experiences along your journey.

You will never regret taking the time to savour the magic of the things that truly matter.

Make room for Joy!

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