How To Achieve Your Deepest Dreams And Desires: The Importance Of Non-Negotiables And Sacred Discipline

This year I made Vibrancy one of my Joy-Based Values.

But for a variety of reasons I feel off the workout wagon-too busy, too much going on, too tired - do any of these limitations sound familiar for you?!

This week I made a personal commitment to prioritize my well-being and go to the gym every morning. I noticed each morning I felt tempted to negotiate with myself, to skip a day or make excuses. I’ve been calling this aspect of myself Barter Betty (thanks to a convo with my soul sis Elise;) What I’ve noticed more than ever before is that true commitment requires unwavering dedication and a refusal to compromise on what truly matters - my vibrancy!

My future vibrant self requires me to make movement non-negotiable.

Your dreams and desires require you to take inspired action NOW!

This level of sacred discipline, this commitment to ourselves, is not only essential for personal growth but also for our leadership. It sets the foundation for our ability to inspire and uplift others, showing them the power of dedication and discipline.

This week I invite you to reflect on your own journey of commitment and self-discovery. What areas of your life are calling for your unwavering dedication? What do you know you need to make non-negotiable in order to feel how you want to feel?

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