How To Dream In Your Next-Level When You Are Feeling Stuck


Are you feeling like you’re ready for something new but you’re not sure what it is?

You are not alone! I’ve been working through this with most of my clients and this also came up a lot during our recent Joy Leadership retreat.

Something to remember when you’re feeling stuck is that the contrast and discomfort isn’t here to stop you or harm you. It’s here to show you where to revision!

Call Joy back into your life as you dream in the next level by:

  • Honouring ALL of the feelings, not just the “good” ones
  • Noticing the unhelpful thoughts and shifting the
  • Setting powerful intentions (each day!)
  • Practicing appreciation and get excited about the possibilities
  • Taking inspired action that supports your desires
  • Releasing the need to control everything and TRUST.

Trust you are being supported and guided even if you have no f*cking clue where you’re headed. Commit to taking each next best step and all will make sense in divine timing.

As you make your Joy and alignment a priority everything else will fall into place.

If you want to feel better along the way, commit to a daily practice that allows you to hear the heart whispers and honour your feelings. My recommendations are Daily meditation and Joy Journaling. Set time aside and allow your intuition to guide you. Ask, “what do I most desire?” and “what is my next best step?”
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