How To Free Yourself From Fear Of Being Judged Or Criticized

courageous confidence

Are you playing small or dimming yourself for fear of being judged, criticized or making others uncomfortable?

I'm going to share something I believe is very freeing with you.

People who judge, gossip, belittle, or don't see the best in you, are not your people. To put it simply, people who do not champion your brilliance are not your people.

  • Your people honour you, and appreciate you. They support your greatness and they catch you when you fall. They don’t enable you to play small. They encourage the radiant light in you. They support you in your leaps forward and stand by you in your missteps.
  • Your people accept you for all that you are. Both in the light and the shadow. Because they honour their own light and shadows too.
  • Your people are the ones who hear you. Who hold space for you rather than trying to fix or change you. Because your people know that you're not broken. You are perfectly on your path.
  • Your people give you the room to learn, grow and soar. They allow you to fly. Sometimes far away. And they trust that you will come back when the time is right.

You are a light and you are meant to shine. Your people know this.

If you're in between people, allow me to be the first, the middle, and the last to tell you.... the world needs your particular kind of light. The bright shimmery hue of you. Without trying to be, or do, anything.

There is nothing you need to do other than simply unfold yourself more fully. With love and compassion.

And, in case you've forgotten, I'll happily remind you...IT'S YOUR TIME TO SHINE!

If you want support with owning your brilliance and confidently sharing your gifts, find out more about my IGNITE YOUR LIGHT Coaching Program. The world has waited long enough…

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