How To Ignite Your Inner Joy Warrior & Wake Up To A Life You Love

the practice of joy

What does it mean to be a Joy Warrior?

It means we take accountability for how we want to feel in this lifetime.

It means we use our mind as the magical wand it is and deliberately design our lives with our focus, while using our feelings as our guides!

Through life's contrast and discomfort, we have the opportunity to remember that Joy is who we are. I created The Joy Method™ for this reason. To use regularly as a map back to Joy.

It's time to ignite your inner Joy Warrior and wake up even more fully to a life you love!

With strength and softness you have the opportunity to light up the world from the inside out. How?

  • By honoring the light and the dark, the balance of all of it and remembering you chose to come here at this time.
  • By tending to yourself, honoring your feelings, minding your focus and courageously moving past discomfort with inspired action.
  • By Appreciating your blessings, giving yourself room to dream and remember who you truly are. Over and over again.
  • By trusting that you are being supported and guided along the way. All you need to worry about is your next best step!

This is not a one off. Joy a lifestyle and a daily practice.

We are all reflections of each other here to inspire growth and alignment with love. If you truly want to light up the world you will meet and face your own shadow. Every. Day. This will allow you to and honor the light and shadow in others.

So what do you say—are you Ignite Your Inner Joy Warrior? ❤️

Get started with by creating a Daily Joy Ritual (that sticks!) Download this helpful guide to get started.

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