How To Manifest The Life You Desire

Earlier this year I was doing some visioning for the year and I was feeling into what I wanted to experience. Based on last year I knew I wanted to do the PJ party and the Spring Fling at the Jasper Park Lodge.

So what did I do? I creepily stalked their website, looked at when the events were and booked them into my calendar even though no one had reached out about it. LOL

Two weeks later, guess who emailed? Not only for the PJ Party, but for the Spring Fling too – WOOHOO it worked! 🥳

When it comes to designing a life you love, my questions for you are:

  1. Is there space in your life for the things you desire?
  2. And, more importantly, are you claiming them?

Below are my personal wizard tricks I’m excited to share with you…

Claim the things you desire as DONE!

Meaning, feel them coming knowing they are in escrow for you.

What I suggest is making a calendar event for the things you want to manifest (in a fun colour!) and then put all your desired experiences into your calendar. It could be ideal soul clients, an event you want to speak at or some sort of other amazing opportunity your heart craves. Whatever it is, put your desires in your calendar and hold space for them so you have room for them when the time comes.

Honor The Energy of Your Desires

Next, you want to feel as though your desired experience is already happening! From a Law of Attraction perspective all of the things we most desire are in escrow for us. As energy managers, it’s our job to raise our vibration and get to the good feeling place to meet the dreams of our hearts. What the heck does this look like practically? It looks like using The Joy Method!

This is the intention and energy that’s built into The Daily Joy Journals. These tools are intended to support you in honoring your feelings and using your focus to feel better. The better you feel, the more opportunity there is for amazing things to happen.

Suspending Judgement on Reality

If you’re not in a good place right now it will be helpful for you to suspend judgment on reality. This doesn’t mean that you don’t honor reality, it just means that you don’t give it your attention.

The main focus when you’re in the muck will be “What do I want instead”. Trust and know that as you focus on better-feeling things, and the experiences you desire you will raise your vibration and better things will begin happening for you.

This is the practice of Joy and it’s built into all of the Joy work whether you are in my programs, coaching with me or using The Daily Joy Journals.

Focus on what you want and feel it as though it’s 100% coming your way. This is real wizard shit that will shift everything!!

I’ve been up and down the scale. There have been times when I lost everything and rebuilt my way with these exact practices. I have countless experiences to share with you about how to use your energy to co-create your dreams.

The bottom line is to honor yourself as a co-creator of your life. Know that you are deliberately designing your experiences with your focus and your feelings. This is not about by-passing, it’s about making room for all of the parts of who you are and igniting your inner Joy Warrior!

AND, I’m excited to share that today I’m over at The Jasper Park Lodge, facilitating Joy at the PJ Party because I used these exact practices!!

Ready to practice Joy?

Start booking the things you desire into your calendar and KNOW that they are on their way.

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