How To Nurture Your Dreams And Desires (When They Are Taking Longer Than You Want)


There may be times in our lives when our desires unfold super quickly and there is a fast payoff.

Other times things may take time to nurture and nourish into being.

Some dreams and desires require more or less attention over a longer period. I call this the "low and slow" creation process.

Where we may typically get frustrated and tend to be more critical of ourselves or frustrated with the timing, the low and slow process requires a particular tenderness. It requires stillness.

This is where we have the opportunity to cultivate compassion, perseverance, and patience. This is how the potential of possibility unfolds!

I’m reminded of the slow sturdiness of mountains, mighty oak trees and perseverant turtles. HA!

As fun as it is to blast off, there are potent payoffs in slow steadiness too.

Where can you come back home to yourself and tend to your dreams?

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