How to Step Into More Abundance

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Joyful living requires us to identify and release what is no longer working.

Many of my clients and students have abundance blocks. As a busy business leader, I have struggled with this too.

Ready to release what’s holding you back and step into more abundance? If so, grab a pen and paper and work through the following prompts…

1. What needs to fall away to align with your true and natural state of abundance?

Here are some examples I see:

  • proving
  • perfectionism
  • attachment to outcomes
  • staying small
  • lack of confidence
  • fear

2. What energy will support your true state of Joy, love and inner richness?

Here are some more examples:

  • self-belief
  • boundaries
  • courage
  • vulnerability
  • honesty
  • Visibility

3. What do you need for these states of being?


  • accountability
  • discipline
  • Commitment
  • Motivation
  • inspired action

4. When you have the right support and stand in the energy of love and abundance, what impact will you have in the world?

Even more examples:

  • inspiration
  • remembrance
  • connection
  • Joy
  • hope
  • leadership

With awareness and inspired action, comes alignment and the opportunity to be an incredible Joy Leader.

This is the Joy Leadership Formula! AWARENESS + ACTION = ALIGNMENT

You do NOT need to be perfect to be a leader of Joy. You simply must be willing to show up, get curious and take inspired actions. Again and again.

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