How To Trick Yourself Into Feeling Better In Under A Minute

self care + self love

Do you ever feel too busy or tired to do the things you know will be helpful for you?

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We all struggle with this;)

I’ve noticed that once the ego has a grasp, it will do everything it can to convince us we are too busy or tired to do the thing that will help us feel better!! Oh, silly humanness;)

What if you could bypass the ego and reconnect in as little as one minute? You can! Here’s how: take one minute to close your eyes, put your hand to your heart and breathe. Take 10 big long breaths in and out. There you are…

What is one inspired action you can take toward feeling better today? Maybe it’s a short meditation, or quickly making a list of the blessings in your life. Perhaps it’s putting away the laundry that’s been in the dryer for 2 weeks LOL:) Or, how would it feel to take a short walk in nature and breathe in some fresh air? Whatever it is, may you remember that your JOY requires you to make YOU a priority.

Give yourself the room to come home to yourself and feel better

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