How a Stupid Sheet Meme Shifted My Perspective on Marketing

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Recently I posted a funny meme on my personal Facebook page (memes are my love language).

The next morning when I woke up to a FLOOD of activity on my Instagram page. The sheet meme auto-posted to my IG account!

I was distraught! It was ugly and used some weird font like Impact. I didn’t even write a caption. Did I mention the post was about sheets?

Well, my accidental post about sheets had more engagement than any of my posts in the history of posting.

Why did this feed-wrecking meme get so much engagement?

Because it identifies a pain point that everyone in my community has – ie not knowing which is the long or short side of your sheets.

I wanted to delete it so badly. Still do. But I’m leaving the ugly meme on my feed as a reminder:

  • Your clients and customers want to feel seen and heard
  • Your community wants to know that you understand their real-life challenges
  • Your ideal clients and customers don’t care about how pretty your feed is
  • Sometimes people just want to have a good laugh!

Not everything needs to look or sound perfect. Be you. Follow your intuition. Leave room for the unexpected. Live a little!

What would it look like to loosen up your marketing and show up in ways that feel fun?

Or, allow the universe to guide you and post on your IG to teach you profound lessons about effective marketing.

With all the love and extra laughs,

Xj, Jillian

If you’re ready to feel lit up while you show up and use social media in a way that feels good, reach out and let’s chat. Authentic connection is my jam.

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