Overcoming The Fear Of Showing Up - The World Needs Your Wisdom!

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What is stopping you from shining your light more fully? Is it:

  • Information Overload
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)
  • Comparison and Doubt
  • Fear of Judgement
  • Lack of Time Management Challenges
  • Pressure to Maintain an Online Presence
  • Politics/Uncertain Social Dynamics
  • Just TOO MUCH!!

You are not alone. A lot of my clients and students experience this too!
If this is what you’re experiencing, know that once you identify what’s stopping you will feel more able to shift it.

ONCE we can see the shadow we get to invite in the light!

As I always say, fear is not here to stop you! It’s here to show you a new way…

Joy is all about energy alignment. I believe we can get you into sharing your wisdom from a soulful place by aligning your messaging with your purpose.

  • How do you feel about showing up more fully? Take a moment and name it:
  • How would you most like to feel about sharing your gifts?
  • What beliefs typically stop you from sharing your messages more widely?
  • What is a new helpful belief that is aligned with love and truth?
  • What is one thing you can do today to step into courage?
  • Where can you invite in more trust? Invite in ease and support as you step forward into your soul purpose…

Can you commit to sharing at least one piece of wisdom today? Tag me when you share so I can cheer you on!

It is my JAM to support my clients in lighting up the world from the inside out. You have so much wisdom the world needs! Often it’s just about owning it and having the ability to articulate it. That’s where I come in;)

Reach out to hop on a Free Connection call with no strings attached. Only possibilities!

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