Read This If You're Tired of Making Resolutions…


Welcoming in 2023 and the energy of A L I G N M E N T…

Celebrating the energy of a new year!

As we usher in new possibilities, I’m guided to ask…

How do you most want to feel this year?

Through my years of experience with Joy, what I know to be true is it’s different for everyone.

Rather than writing out New Years Resolutions, what if you were to approach this year differently?

If you’re ready for a new way and want to really take things to the next (deeper) level this year, carve out space to work through the prompts below and raise your vibration in a practical and Joyful way!

  1. What are you celebrating from last year?
  2. What opportunities for growth (disguised as challenges) did you encounter? What did you learn?
  3. What are you most grateful for?
  4. What is ready to fall away?
  5. What do you want to take forward with you?
  6. What do you most desire to experience in 2024?
  7. What is one word to anchor it in?
  8. What inspired actions will create momentum toward it?
  9. What does it look like to TRUST more?

Rather than the new year/new you mentality I like to think of the new year as an opportunity to pause, reflect and recommit. This new year brings new ways of doing things with more ease and flow. Honour the wisdom you’ve gained, commit to taking inspired action and experience real life magic!

You’re at the edge of a new year and you get to decide how you want to show up. What does your desired experience require from you?

If you’d like to dive even deeper my Joy Sessions On Demand program will guide you with meditations, strategic heart-based exercises and Joy Tools to help you to align with joy and wake up to a life you love everyday!

Now is the time to ignite your inner Joy Warrior!

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