Ready to Practice Joy?

the practice of joy

How are you?

Are you moving through it? "It" being the stressful, overwhelming stuff that feels icky.

If you were to listen to the message that discomfort is here to give you, what would it say?

Getting curious about our feelings is how we honour what I call The Practice of Joy. Which can be harder than it seems sometimes…

As a sober person with a family history of addiction, I deeply know the importance of befriending ALL of our feelings, not just the good ones.

When you numb the ‘bad’ feelings, you are resisting the good ones too! The willingness to move through discomfort is the key to feeling better.

This is how we truly experience Joy.

The Practice of Joy is not about spiritual bypassing or toxic positivity. It’s about honouring where we are, acknowledging it, and moving through it. Then we can look ahead and take the next best steps toward what we want instead. All while using the power of our thoughts to expand the possibilities and trust that we are being supported and guided. This is The Joy Method™ in a nutshell. 

Below are some prompts to help you feel better the next time you're in the midst of discomfort:

  • What feelings are coming up for you?
  • What thoughts are associated with these feelings?
  • What do you want to experience instead? 
  • What inspired actions will support you in feeling how you want to feel?
  • Where can you get excited about a new possibility? 
  • What are you grateful for? Where are you currently experiencing blessings? 
  • What does it look like to trust, MORE?

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