The Inner Journey To Abundance: Why True Success Starts Within

the joy method

As humans, most of us were taught to reach and strive for success that is outside of us.

I’ve got to be honest, the most success I’ve ever experienced is more simple than what we’ve been taught. For me, a deep connection to myself, my values and the things I hold most dear feels like success.

The same is true for most if not all of my clients.

The things we are seeking begin within.

While I'm all for manifesting dreams and desires, it can be easy to get lost in the external illusion of joy and fulfillment. The idea that abundance lives outside of us can take us further and further from ourselves.

If you’ve been getting away from yourself please know it’s perfectly normal. We all get out of alignment here and there…

A helpful practice is to feel the energy of your life and everything as it is. Make space to ask these questions:

  • What is feeding you
  • What is depleting you?
  • Where are you spending your energy?
  • Is it in balance with what you want to experience on a deeper level?
  • What would it look like to align with your natural state of abundance?
  • Where are you “should-ing” yourself?
  • How would it feel to release the things you are forcing and pushing and make room for more BE-ing?

These are clues that will lead you back to your natural abundant state. It’s how I believe we create true inner and outer wealth.

If you want to experience true abundance I invite you to begin using JOY as your guide.

Abundance, like Joy, is an inside job. It’s time to begin within and allow your JOY to guide you!

Want a helpful tool along the way? Check out The Leadership Edition of The Daily Joy Journal – created to help you to feel good on the way to your dreams and goals!

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