Transform Your Life: The Power Of Positive Storytelling

the joy method

Did you know that you are a storyteller? Yes, you! Every day, with every thought and focus, you are crafting the narrative of your life.

The question is, what kind of story are you telling?

The quality of your thoughts and focus will determine your feelings.

Simply put, when we tell good stories, we feel better. When we dive into the drama and focus on what’s not going well, typically we feel worse.

I invite you to take some time to look at your thoughts. Where are you putting your energy? On what you don’t want? Or, on what you desire…

Notice how you're feeling AND notice the thoughts around your feelings. What stories are you telling? Are they true? Are they helpful?

Through life’s experiences and contrast, we can begin to lose sight of the possibilities.

The truth is, in each moment we have the opportunity to write a new story.

What’s the best story you can tell today?

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