Want to feel better? 7 Reasons Why You Should Set Intentions


How to manifest the sh*t out of your life 

A part of manifesting our desires requires us to raise our vibration.⠀⠀⠀⠀

How do we do this? By using our focus to feel better!

"Where attention goes, energy flows!" In the Joy Method™, we focus on our desires and use our focus to expand the potential of our desires with Intention setting. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Intention setting is a way for us to harness the magical potential of the mind and use it to focus on what we want, expanding our excitement and hope and making our dreams possible. It’s literally a positive feedback loop. 

Here are 7 benefits of using intention setting to support the manifestation of your dreams and desires:

  1. CLARITY: Intention setting helps clarify what you want to achieve and why it's important to you, making it easier to stay focused.
  2. MOTIVATION: Intention setting creates a greater sense of purpose and direction. When you set clear intentions you become more motivated to achieve your goals.
  3. EASIER DECISION MAKING: Setting intentions helps you prioritize and align your actions and behaviours with your values and desires.
  4. IMPROVED FOCUS: Intention setting helps you avoid distractions and stay focused on what's important, which can help with feeling more energized AND creating traction toward your dreams. 
  5. INCREASED SELF-AWARENESS: By setting intentions, you become more self-aware, which can lead to personal growth and development.
  6. MOOD BOOST: Intention setting helps us to focus on what we want to experience rather than staying stuck in the muck by worrying about what’s going wrong. It’a a natural mood booster and honours your mind as the magical tool it is.
  7. PAVING POSITIVE PATHS: By setting intentions you are paving a positive pathway forward for yourself and meeting life and the universe half way. Get ready to watch the magic happen!

Want to learn more practical ways to manifest your desires with ease and JOY?

Intention Setting is a massive vibe raiser and an important step in The Joy Method™. It’s infused throughout The Daily Joy Journal and in all of The Joy Session Workshops.

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In the meantime, I’d love to know…do you set intentions? 

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