What Repeating Numbers Mean – Your Guide to Angel Numbers


Do you ever see repeating numbers and wonder what it means?

From a spiritual perspective repeating numbers are called ‘angel numbers’ with particular messages depending on what numbers you're seeing.

I see angel numbers often and love to use my intuition to tap into helpful deeper messages.

For instance, the other day someone special got out of my car at 11:11 - I felt confirmation of her angels around her on the new path she was exploring.

Yesterday I looked into registrations for a Joy Session and the total was $888 - confirming the alignment and universal abundance of the work I’m doing.

While some people consider certain numbers to be ominous I believe all of them bring helpful and supportive messages.

I'm not a numerologist however I do feel a deep connection to angel numbers and love using them for confirmation and additional support.

If you’re interested in learning more, below is a list of common numbers and the meanings that I have intuited based on my own experience:

  • Repeating 1’s - 1’s typically symbolize new beginnings. New opportunities, fresh energy!
  • Repeating 2’s - 2’s are about relationships and balance. You are being supported whether it’s with people, ideas, business, etc.
  • Repeating 3’s - 3’s are usually about wellbeing, harmony, creativity and alchemy. Birthing new things:)
  • Repeating 4’s - 4’s are associated with abundance. A sign your dreams are coming true as you walk the walk.
  • Repeating 5’s - 5’s are about manifestation + co-creation. Trust you are being supported, guided and protected. The universe has your back.
  • Repeating 6’s - 6’s are an opportunity to check yourself. Are you coming from love or fear? Come back to your heart-based mission and values! Come back into balance with Love.
  • Repeating 7’s - 7’s are a sign you’re spiritually connected. Life is guiding you:)
  • Repeating 8’s - 8’s are an indication of infinite alignment. A reminder to claim your power and stand in your light!
  • Repeating 9’s - 9’s represent completion energy. Divine support and blessings. Soul purpose…

Again, angel numbers are personal and often I will google ‘angel number ___’ when I see them. Then I’ll sit with what the message is for me at the time.

I believe the universe is supporting each of us on our journeys. You have infinite wisdom within and divine support all around you. May you take comfort in this.

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