Christina Vignal



Greater Edmonton Area, Alberta, Canada

Joy Zones 

Body - Embodiment, Nervous System, Balance and Harmony, Couple & Family Joy


Email: [email protected]



I am passionate about living life in alignment. Alignment from the embodied feeling of alignment.

Therefore, I am equally passionate about the physical body, including the nervous system, and all the wonderful functions of the body as an information carrier and offer, as well as the spiritual, mental and energetic parts of us. I believe we are a powerful treasure chest of information.

I am also incredibly passionate about being a continual student and a courageous leader. Through my 23 years as a bodyworker with the modalities of massage therapy, lymphatic drainage, and craniosacral therapy I have participated in many professional and personal development programs.

One of the really powerful things that I have learned along the way is that consistently moving towards alignment and living a blissful, joyful life from that space, feels like fulfillment to me.This has created a beautiful foundation for me to continue learning and expanding in ways that ignite that experience.

I love to work with multi-dynamic women who choose mindfulness, seeing contrast as an opportunity, using a variety of self-care tools, choosing expansion and who are lit up by being a student as much as master all while working for the highest good for all, knowing it begins within

The Joy sessions have been an incredibly inspiring tool and I so look forward to sharing them with you.

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