The Joy Sessions

Joyful Living 8 Week Program

A Transformative 8-Week Journey to Reclaim Your Joy!

Amidst the challenges of daily life, filled with to-do's, stressors, unexpected events, and constant demands on your time and energy, there lies an opportunity—to rediscover and nurture your connection to JOY!

The Joy Sessions Live Online 8-Week Program is your invitation to rekindle and strengthen your bond with yourself. This is your invitation to reconnect with your Joy. 

While we can't necessarily control the things going on around us, we can control how we respond. 

Detach from all the fixing, pleasing, and rescuing as you reclaim Joy and inspire those around you by leading by example.

You don't have to navigate this alone. I have created a map and Joy is your compass...

The Joy Sessions LIVE Online Program is BACK and Better Than Ever...

 Join us LIVE online and experience all the original goodness amplified with years of practice, research, and real-life results!



The Joy Sessions LIVE Online Program

The Joy Sessions Online Program is about befriending the self and reconnecting with who you really are - JOY!

It is for you if you are struggling with stress,  overwhelm and uncertainty and you are ready to refocus and realign. 

With meditation, strategic heart-based exercises and practical tools like The Joy Method™, feel supported as you light up the world from the inside out.

This is an invitation to put intentional energy into yourself and create sturdiness so that no matter what is happening around you, you can wake up to a life you love. 

Now is the time to ignite your inner Joy Warrior!


$250 CAD


  • 8 Weeks of LIVE Online Sessions starting Wednesday, September 11th at 12 pm MDT
  • A map AND guide back to Joy and inner balance

  • Access to a POWERFUL community of Joy Warriors

  • Soulful Inquiry, integration + Embodiment of JOY!



Joy-Based Benefits

Unlock a World of Transformation: 8 Compelling Benefits of The Joy Sessions Live Online Program

Rediscover Your Joy 

Dive deep into self-discovery and reconnect with the authentic Joy that resides within you. Uncover and embrace the things that light up your soul, reigniting the spark that may have dulled over time.


Cultivate Resilience

Learn to feel sturdy as life does what it does. The Joy Sessions Program equips you with powerful tools to navigate storms and difficulties, helping you find the light within adversity.


Inspire and Lead by Example

Release the need to make everyone around you okay and reclaim your joy. As you do so, become a beacon of inspiration, leading by example and positively influencing those in your sphere.

Empower Yourself

Discover the strength within to take charge of your life. Your feelings become your compass, guiding you through life's ups and downs with grace, authenticity, and a newfound sense of strength.

Meaningful Connections

Join a vibrant community of open-hearted people on a shared Joy Journey.  A supportive network to celebrate successes and navigate challenges together and Joy Warriors who amplify positive energy.


Real-Time Guidance

Benefit from live weekly one-hour sessions led by Jillian Schecher - Joy Coach and creator of The Joy Sessions™. Receive real-time guidance ensuring you feel supported, inspired and motivated every step of the way.

Community Support

No more lone-wolf syndrome! Join a community where your fellow participants become mutual cheerleaders, sharing insights, experiences, and triumphs, creating a rich web of support.

Exclusive Resources

Access a treasure of resources, including workbooks, meditations, and tools designed to enhance your experience. Exclusive BONUS: A Daily Joy Journal AND option to book a Meet Your Magic Strategy Session at an special rate.

And last but not least...

The last MASSIVE Joy-Based Benefit to The Joy Sessions Online is ACCOUNTABILITY. How many courses have you purchased over the last few years thinking you'd get to them when you have time? Ya, same! That's why I'm so excited to walk you through the NEW Revised program LIVE online.

Make your Joy a priority this year and watch the magic unfold in all aspects of your life! 

A New Way 

We can't necessarily control the things going on around us but we can control how we respond. Now is the perfect time to release what's not working and expand what is. 

Awareness, commitment and discipline are key to living in alignment. If you are ready to commit to yourself and to feeling better, this program is for you!

How would it feel to honour yourself? To take time for you for the next 8 weeks. Gain awareness, take inspired action and feel aligned in your heart and your life!

Your future self will thank you...

Commit to yourself. Commit to JOY!

*NEW!  Program Outline

Module 1

The Joy Method

We will kick things off with an overview of The Joy Method and set powerful  Joy-Based Goals. Get acquainted with the tools we will be using together for the next 8 weeks to support your alignment with Joy! 

Module 2

The Practice of Joy

Learn the foundations of The Joy Sessions and how to prioritize self-care routines, such as exercise, adequate sleep, and healthy nutrition, and positively impact your overall well-being.

Module 3

The Joy Workshop

Release stress and overwhelm as you begin to harness your powers and rise into all areas of your life! Move through the 4 quadrants with awareness and accountability and get things into alignment. 

Module 4

Joy Based Values

Let go of the need to control everything as you plug into the limitless possibilities and get clear on what's most important to you. Go from wobbly to sturdy and set yourself up for success with a personal formula for making Joy-based decisions!

Module 5

Build a Joy Habit

Learn strategies for building meaningful, aligned connections, release the behaviours no longer serving, and build new positive pathways alongside a community of open-hearted Joy Warriors!

Module 6
Joy Protection

Detach from people pleasing, honor your energy, and own your role as a Joy Warrior! Implement compassionate boundaries, apply all you've learned, and inspire others by leading with love.

Module 7

The Joy Code

It's time to commit to yourself, honour your feelings, and deliberately design a life you love! Integrate everything you’ve learned into personal policies to support you going forward.

Module 8

Joy Visioning

Pave the way for continued momentum and aligned success as you declare your new goals and walk the walk with The Joy Method™ and all of your new tools, awareness and accountability. 

Student Spotlight

Jennifer Boppre


When I came across Jillian’s Joy Sessions Online Program, I was searching for a way to live joyfully on a daily basis. I no longer wanted to feel resentful or angry and drained. 

I was not as happy as I knew I could be. I felt like I was spinning my wheels trying to find things outside myself that I thought would create happiness for me...Job, friends, relationships, etc. I said yes to every single thing that came my way, and was starting to approach burnout--again!! I was too accommodating to too many people and of course, I was last on the list always. I did not value my time or my actual monetary value in my business enough, because I wanted to please everyone but myself.

After completing the program I feel like I have a set of incredible tools for my joy toolbox that I can draw from for the rest of my life. I feel more aligned with what works for me and what doesn't. I am seeing things in a completely different light.  Happiness just doesn't "happen" it takes consistent effort to set yourself up for daily success. 

If you are on the fence about joining my advice is that you are worth the investment! The sessions are jam packed with an abundance of information that anyone and everyone can use. Figuring out what is important to you and what brings you joy is pivotal in living your very best life--and who doesn't want that? These are downloads that you can come back to again and again to keep you on track.

JENNIFER BOPPRE  |  @Jenniferboppre


What Others Are Saying

"Jillian's Sessions were so helpful to me. I needed someone to help me to switch my perspective on things, and these sessions show you how! They gave me solid and clear tools to use on a daily basis to help me to bring more joy back into my life. It takes practice, but I definitely feel like I am equipped now."

– Lu

"The Joy Sessions walked me through my life one step at a time and helped to remove the fog. Through the gentle process, I was able to design my ideal life in words and it was powerful. It’s remarkable to look back on those dark times and see how drastically my inner and outer worlds have changed.
Although life continues to be imperfect and challenging; I am living a life I truly love with those I love. The Joy Method helped me find myself again & I am grateful"

– Ginette

"As someone who is always in my head, this allowed me to delve deep into why I was feeling what I was, when I was. It allowed me to let go, to change perspective on certain aspects in my everyday life. I recommend this to everyone feeling anxious, stressed, or just out of sorts. It just may change you for the better."

– Sandy

Joy is a Practice

Feeling good is a daily practice that requires continuous awareness and what I call sacred discipline. As you start to create a deeper relationship with yourself and your feelings you will have many ah-ha moments. Maybe you’ve been having them already?

Perhaps you haven’t been putting yourself first, or making how you feel a priority at all. The things you think “should” bring you Joy really aren’t and you don't know where to begin. Wherever you are is okay! The Joy Sessions Online Program is a map that you will personalize with all of your own little shortcuts, landmarks, and reminders.

Join me and our online community as we create sturdiness from the inside out for the next 8 weeks. Join from wherever you are. Your home, your couch, or even your bed – no one is judging! 

If you are ready to release fear, re-align your life, and tap into something so much bigger, I would love to be your guide and invite you into our community of open-hearted Joy Warriors.

A Note From Jillian

I have spent most of my life using Joy as my strategy. I say “most of my life” because there have been times when I was lost...

I look back now and can see the places where I left Joy on the side of the road. Where I forgot it while trying to numb other things like pain, grief and anxiety. Where I put myself last, left myself to rescue others, or stayed in discomfort to make others comfortable. Where I allowed fear to take over... 

It wasn’t until I ignited my own inner Joy Warrior and developed what I call "The Practice of Joy" that I began to befriend myself and my feelings. After years of not feeling enough, of sacrificing, people-pleasing and numbing, I came back to myself and reconnected with Joy. Nothing compares to this feeling!

The secret to all of it? Feeling. Both the “good” and the “bad”. This is where all of the  Joy work stems from. ⁣⁣To me, Joy means having the courage to honour the discomfort and begin moving through it. 

As the deliberate designer of my life, I now teach people how to feel. How to befriend their emotions and use them as a guide. Our feelings are our compass! 

I wake up excited to practice and teach The Joy Method™ while creating a space for others to do the same.

If you are feeling the call, I'm here to say it's time. It’s time for you to reconnect with Joy and create positive momentum in your life. Fear is not here to stop you. It's here to show you where to have a bigger vision for yourself. 

You are powerful beyond measure and I would love to empower you to IGNITE your inner Joy Warrior.

Are you ready for this?

Xj, Jillian 

Program Details + Pricing



  • Begins Wednesday, September 11th - 12 pm MDT
  • 1 Hour Sessions (with an added 30 mins for Q+A) 


  • 8 Weeks of LIVE Joy Sessions and trainings
  • A map AND guide back to Joy and inner balance
  • Access to a POWERFUL community of Joy Warriors

  • Soulful Inquiry, integration + Embodiment of JOY!



Investment (CAD)

$250 + Tax 

2 Monthly Payments


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