June Palmer



Sturgeon Lake, Alberta, Canada

Joy Zones 

Journey to Joy with Sound. Miyo Pimatisowin - Living life in a joyful way. Joy Journeys.


Website:  https://www.mikwanenergyworks.com
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June Palmer is a gifted intuitive healer with a passion for crystal singing bowls. Transporting people on journeys to Joy and wellness through sound medicine is June’s superpower. It is June’s mission to share far and wide all across Turtle Island, the Signature Joy Session Journey to Joy through sound. Opening the doors to wellness, through energy vibrations and music. June aspires to help people get in tune with their inner healers. June believes that Joy and Wellness can be achieved through meditation and sound medicine, if we give ourselves the tools and chance to tune into wellness, healing on all levels is promoted. June loves working with all ages from young to elderly and everyone in between.

I am deeply humbled and grateful for every chance I get to share the amazing energy of the Crystal bowls, Chimes and Drums. I take people on sound journeys and to places of deep relaxation and release, it is here that the body can truly heal. Many of my session attendees have had life-changing shifts and release on my Journeys to Joy through sound medicine. 

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