Lauren Aletheia



Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Joy Zones 

Sexuality, Intimacy, Women


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My mission is to help all women to be deeply rooted in themselves and bloom fully into the flower they are.  We live in a world that promotes disconnection from our bodies, our inner knowing, and our own authority. I understand living a life driven by others and disconnected from yourself. I’ve walked this path myself and found my way from broken to blooming.

My medicine and my work is to guide women toward living in alignment with themselves and their inherent, abundant worth. This is my purpose. I've been doing this work for most of my life, even while working in healthcare as a forensic nurse practitioner (where mental health meets sexual health). The culmination of my life and work experience supports my role as a visionary and guide to bring you back to your light, even through the shadows hiding it from you.

We have to reclaim ourselves to reclaim our power to be the medicine the world needs. A flower field is born from a single seed. It’s time to bloom. As a Joy Sessions™ Facilitator, teacher, and sex medicine woman, I help you unlock yourself and reclaim your abundant worth to bloom boldly into the be-YOU-tiful and powerful woman you really are so that you can live fully and freely in your magnificence.

Reclaim yourself. Align with your soul. Know your worth. Be yourself. Live your bliss. 

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