Melanie Ben Diaf



Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Joy Zones 

Joy & Freedom Facilitator, Family Harmonizer, Win/win in the Joy Zone


Email: [email protected] 
Social Media: Instagram



Melanie Ben Diaf is a Joy + Freedom Facilitator, Generational Cycle Dismantler and Soul Seer and Speaker. She has the gift of hearing and articulating your soul’s requests for you to understand. She is your heart guide, soul bridger and celebrator of truth and freedom. 

Melanie is here to help you reconnect and thrive in the life you dream of!

Melanie empowers families to free themselves from limitations so they can flourish in a joyful life together. She supports families in living a harmonious and aligned life both individually and together.  As an SRT Practitioner, she also has the ability to clear negative energy that often unknowingly wreaks havoc on family members.

Melanie's mission in life is to be part of the positive change in the world that supports shifting outdated beliefs and supporting win-win outcomes for everyone. She dreams of a day when everyone will walk the streets shining their truth unapologetically! 

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