Nicole Riehl



As an Assistant Cruise Ship Director by day, Nicole is worldwide!

Joy Zones 

Dance-Inspired Mindful Movement and the Remembrance of JOY! Nicole works with people of all ages to inspire dreaming through play and movement.


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Nicole is a multi-passionate lover of life! She is a mentor, connector, facilitator and the woman behind Riehl Wellness and Riehl Talk.

Nicole loves helping women over 40 to connect with the true fountain of youth - their JOY! She also mentors and inspired young dancers. No matter the age, Nicole wants her clients to feel excited about what is possible…to let go of the ‘should do’s and explore what you ‘can’ do. She will remind you to make your Joy a priority.

Some of her most significant challenges became her greatest teachers and gifts. After losing her mother at an early age she chose to stay busy ‘doing’ and put aside what she was feeling. Years later working in different modalities such as meditation, mindfulness, Acro Yoga, and dance and movement she has created a life of adventure and travel, community, creativity, philanthropy, leadership, and movement.

The path is not always straightforward or easy…often not sunshine and rainbows. Nicole believes that by using tools such as the Joy Method – and making play and movement a priority you too can make your dreams a reality. She’s excited to show you how!

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