The Joy Sessions™ Facilitator Program

Branding & Photography Optional Add-Ons

When you join The Joy Sessions™ Facilitator Program you have the option to add on a Photo Session and/or Brand Design at a reduced rate to support you in showing up and sharing your magic with the world. Together we will create captivating visuals to share your brilliance and call in your ideal clients.



Brand Alignment Photo Session

Photo sessions take place in 2 parts:

  1. We meet to plan your shoot in alignment with your brand.
  2. We meet for up to 2 hours to capture your magic.

You will receive up to 60 high-resolution, brand-aligned images to use for all of your marketing and promotional needs including your Signature Joy Session materials. 

*As a facilitator, enjoy 20% off regular rates. 


Brand Coaching + Design

For those ready to step fully into your business and call in aligned clients, Brand Design includes clarity coaching and the design process itself. This process is 12 weeks and by the end you’ll have your complete brand identity with your logo, colours and fonts in all variations as well as a brand style guide with everything you need to apply your new look & feel with ease moving forward.

*As a facilitator, enjoy 20% off regular rates. 

Recent Work

Lauren Aletheia

My new branding and photos feel real, true, and aligned.

Working with Jillian was WAY more than what I thought it would be. It brought so much clarity and confidence to the work I’m doing. I loved the process! Through coaching together and then design, I feel like she articulated my mission in visual form. The visual branding and photos stayed true to who I am and that feels really aligned for me.

If you want to set up a foundation for your work that is rooted deeply in who you are and your purpose, this is a great way to get clarity and create a strong foundation to leap from!

- LAUREN ALETHEIA | View Facilitator Profile

Alissa Rose | Heal to Grow Parenting

Jillian is so easy to work with.

She really takes the time to understand your brand, your business and you. I loved that Jillian intuitively pulled out exactly what I wanted. She made a logo and took photos that were exactly what I had envisioned. She sees you and is committed to finding the perfect alignment for your branding so that it brings out your light, and allows you to shine in your business.

- ALISSA ROSE | View Facilitator Profile

Shreyasi Brodhecker | Mindful Mare Wellness

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new branding!

It has wholly captured my essence and at the same time, created this magical container in which my medicine/gifts deepened even more on a soul level. It is energetically aligned, the aesthetic I was looking for, and brought my vision to life (even more potently than I could imagine!) Jillian was able to take what I was saying in words and feelings and bring it into the visuals. Every detail was crafted to represent my company and me as a person. It embodies what I hope clients feel like to work with me.

During the photo shoot, I felt uplifted and energized! It was my dreams brought to life. It affirmed how aligned it is for me to bring this work into my business and share it with clients, and how naturally it blends into what I already offer.

If you have the opportunity, I 100% recommend adding on photos! Jillian's expertise, kindness and ability to make you laugh can make it a wonderful experience. You'll be surprised how real the photos look and you'll be so glad your magic was captured for the world to see!

- SHREYASI BRODHECKER |  View Facilitator Profile

Karla Rice Wellness

Jillian’s photoshoots are indescribable for the mind to comprehend, it activates your BEING.

It ignites your soul, the part that knows you can do absolutely anything when you allow yourself to be seen with full courage & vulnerability. Jillian will not only give your permission to be fully seen but she will PULL YOU UP IN THE SPOTLIGHT where YOU BELONG-because your soul wants you to stand out and shine and she knows exactly how to do this with the camera and your energy.

- KARLA RICE | View Facilitator Profile

June Palmer

The photo shoot with Jillian made me feel beyond excited and beautiful.

I was very comfortable in front of the camera, I felt confident – it felt like pure Joy!  She makes you feel very at ease and takes care of all the details.  She sees your amazingness and helps you to feel amazing too.

I love my photos.  My photo shoot was super special. It felt amazing. If you  are ever in need for photos,  Jillian is your person.  

- JUNE PALMER | View Facilitator Profile

Christina Bender Vignal

One of the beautiful magical gifts that Jillian has is the ability to shine a light on pieces of others gifts in such a true and clear way that there’s no denying that they’re there.

I felt that this creative collaboration awakened a piece of me and my offerings that I didn’t even recognize were there and that feels so aligned, beautiful and honoring. I am so incredibly grateful!

If the possibility of offering yourself this experience has been something that you’ve been on the fence about, I cannot speak highly enough to what an incredible honor, allowing yourself this gift is. Professionally, personally, on a human and soul level, this was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.

- CHRISTINA BENDER VIGNAL | View Facilitator Profile

Elsa Kassaye

My photo shoot with Jillian was a beautiful balance of intimacy and fun!

I felt held and comforted and like a bright light shining the entire time. It was a magical day full of joy, I loved the effortless, fun, light-hearted atmosphere and the outstanding results. That was my first photo shoot EVER and I did not want it to end!

I highly recommend allowing Jillian to guide you back to your power with her lens. 

-ELSA KASSAYE | View Facilitator Profile

Melanie Ben Diaf

Jillian has a magical way of capturing your essence in a way that is joyful, exciting and fun!

Not only will she photograph you, but she'll also ensure that your session is aligned with your brand and leaves room for future versions of you. I had so much fun, I forgot I was getting photographed! I also loved how she quickly captured small videos of the experience without me even knowing – it makes for great behind-the-scenes reel content for social media.

She ebbs and flows with you so you feel good the entire time. She's the photographer of your soul JOY!

Be ready to laugh, giggle and leave feeling on top of the world...

-MELANIE BEN DIAF | View Facilitator Profile

Let's create captivating visuals to share your brilliance.

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